1. Why were the ancient Olympics initially organised?

Answer: The Olympics were organised to honour the great Zeus. He was one of the Greek gods. He lived on Mount Olympus. The tallest mountain in Greece.

How and when did the modern Olympics begin?

Answer: The modern Olympics began at 1896 by a French educator and historian called Pierre de Coubertin. He said the Olympics would bring peace by bringing all of the countries around the world playing sport.

3. Why were athletes originally given olive wreaths as a reward?

Answer: Because the olives were harvested near the Greek temple on Mount Olympus were the Greek god Zeus lived.

4. Why do you think women were not allowed to participate in the ancient Olympics?

Answer: Because there was a separate event was created for women called Heraia.The wife of Zeus

5. Why is a flame lit at the modern Olympics? Where does the flame come from?

Answer: Because it shows peace between the countries around the world. The flame from the torch lights up the cauldron and is lit up during the games.

Choose one Olympic sport that you would like to follow during the Olympics games. Write a short paragraph listing what the sport/event is about, who is competing in this sport/event for Australia and if we have won any medals for this sport/event in the past.